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How to Choose the Right Safety Flooring For Your Premises

Your premises should be safe not just for your employees, but also for the customers. It is for this reason why it is imperative that you choose the right safety flooring for your setting. Before getting to know the benefits of safety flooring we at Superior Finish Contracts Ltd. would like to explain what safety means within this context. Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Safety Flooring For Your Premises”

3 Must Have Qualities of Commercial Flooring

In a commercial setup, the quality and type of flooring is extremely important. When customers visit an office premises, the flooring must create a positive impact. In addition, the flooring should also conform to certain safety parameters in order to ensure that the commercial setup is safe not just for customers, but also for the members of staff. Continue reading “3 Must Have Qualities of Commercial Flooring”

The Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

An important element that contributes to the look and feel of any residential or commercial setup is the flooring. In the last few decades, many forms of flooring have become popular, including wood, marble, concrete and ceramic. A flooring type that has more recently become popular and is gaining a lot of attention however is vinyl flooring.

Continue reading “The Advantages of Vinyl Flooring”

Wall Cladding to Improve Hygiene

There are many different sectors that can’t take any risks when it comes to hygiene. Hospitals, health centres and food preparation areas cannot risk falling down in this area due to the impact it has on others.  With this in mind, many properties require the installation of wall cladding to keep standards high due to its durable but low maintenance properties. Continue reading “Wall Cladding to Improve Hygiene”

Don’t Get Ripped Off With Your Business Flooring

Many businesses make the mistake of going for cheaper flooring materials under the impression that they have received a good deal.
However initial lower costs can sometimes mean you end up paying more in the long run. Here at Superior Finish Contracts we offer quality products at reasonable prices. Continue reading “Don’t Get Ripped Off With Your Business Flooring”

The Public Sector Solution

Carrying out work on properties in the public sector often throws up a considerable range of issues and challenges on all sides; both for the owners and supervisors of the organization and for the members of the public using the facilities. Often, these institutions must be kept open, and their requirement in society seems much more important than the state of the flooring. As such, work that needs to be done often gets left or pushed aside, increasingly becoming a danger to those that continue to use the area. This is naturally true of flooring – as one of the biggest single surface areas in the building, tearing up the whole thing might simply seem like too intrusive a task to take on. This though, doesn’t have to be the case.

Continue reading “The Public Sector Solution”

Wet Room Required? Superior Finish Contracts Can Help!

Commercial premises need to be equipped with all the facilities you’d expect. Apart from simply complying with health and safety standards, you want  your customers to feel welcomed and provided for; there’s nothing worse than finding out the place you’re bringing your custom to doesn’t have the required facilities available, and this can force prospects out of the premises potentially never to step foot back in! This, of course, is the last thing we want. Here at Superior Finish Contracts, we know all about keeping hold of your customers through design, as we explored last time, however did you also know we provide a wet room flooring installation service, ensuring you can provide the complete facility all under your single roof?

Continue reading “Wet Room Required? Superior Finish Contracts Can Help!”

Fundamental Flooring: Bringing you Superior Flooring in 2020

Flooring is one of the most important parts of your building design. When it comes to deciding exactly how you’re going to position the many elements of the building, when you’re working out colour schemes and thinking about lighting, remember to consider the flooring. It’ll need to be strong and ready to take the footfall of the hundreds of customers you could be receiving every day, whilst it also needs to look right. As the biggest single surface area, the colour and tone of your flooring can change the entire feel of your premises. Get it right first time with Superior Finish Contracts.

Continue reading “Fundamental Flooring: Bringing you Superior Flooring in 2020”

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