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How to Choose the Right Safety Flooring For Your Premises

Your premises should be safe not just for your employees, but also for the customers. It is for this reason why it is imperative that you choose the right safety flooring for your setting. Before getting to know the benefits of safety flooring we at Superior Finish Contracts Ltd. would like to explain what safety means within this context.

What is Safety Flooring?

Safety flooring is a type of vinyl flooring which comes with a surface that prevents slips and falls. They are often used in wet rooms, shower areas, toilets, areas around swimming pools, behind bars and in commercial kitchens, as these places tend to get slippy due to water and/or grease.

Safety flooring is available in a variety of gauges. The stand gauge is 2mm, which is suitable for most areas. However, you also can get 2.5mm for areas that have a lot of footfall. In commercial kitchens, 3mm gauge is usually used as such places tend to not only have water, but also grease on their floors.

There are many types of safety flooring that you can choose from and each type is designed for a specific area. With this in mind, you need to make a choice depending on your business needs.

Types of commercial Safety Flooring

If you operate a gym, you would invariably install safety flooring in the changing rooms and shower areas. Altro flooring is perfect for such areas as it has the ability to sustain heavy foot traffic and ensure people do not slip and/or fall. While Altro flooring does not have a raised embossed finish, it is ideal for extremely wet areas.

Polyflor flooring comes with an embossed raised surface and is ideal for places with constant running water. It is suitable for areas where people walk bare feet, or use soft-soled footwear, such as walk-in showers, changing rooms, and areas around indoor swimming pools and hydrotherapy areas.

Tarkett flooring is primarily suitable for commercial kitchens, as it provides the additional slip resistance that these kitchens require due to the increased amounts of grease on the floors. In fact, safety flooring is also preferred in homes for the aged and hospitals, where patients come in on wheelchairs.

Wide range of commercial safety flooring

At Superior Finish Contracts, we offer you a wide range of safety flooring options for your premises available in a number of colours and gauges to suit your décor. Contact us today for your safety flooring needs as we have a fully trained team of experienced fitters who can install the flooring with a quick turnaround time throughout the Cambridge and Peterborough areas. When you can enjoy exceptional quality of service and outstanding customer support from Superior Finish Contracts, why go anywhere else?

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