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Why choose Karndean flooring?

Karndean flooring type has been around for many years, providing luxury vinyl tiles for both domestic and commercial properties.

These vinyl flooring tiles are much more durable than the standard cushion flooring, which is why they are the most preferred option for when choosing a floor covering.

At Superior Finish, all of our fitters are trained to install Karndean flooring tiles by Karndean themselves, so are fully competent and equipped to fit this type of flooring in the correct manner. If you are interested in Karndean Flooring in Cambridge or Peterborough, then Call us now on 01480 582 026 to find out more.

We’ll go through some of the main reasons why we think Karndean flooring tiles are the best option for your flooring.


Kardnean offers a huge range of styles for both hardwood and stone flooring finishes, which means that you can design the floor in the colour and style you’ve imagined. Whether you are looking for a stone, wood, glass or mosaic look, Karndean is bound to have something for your taste.

Maintainance and care

One of the key benefits of choosing this type of product is that it is a lot easier to maintain than the natural products, plus a lot warmer under food, so you can design your floor covering with minimal additional costs. Also, Karndean tiles can easily be replaced if there happen to be any damages, making it a lot more cost effective than having to replace the carpet or wooden flooring.

This type of flooring has become a popular choice for commercial environments with high levels of foot fall, as it is able to cope with daily usage and a lot easier to clean and maintain their competitors.

Selection of colours/styles

Karndean produces several ranges of their products and each product has a selection of borders that can be custom made to go with your new flooring. At Superior Finish, we also offer the service of being able to produce tram line borders by using Karndean feature strips and hand cutting the individual tiles, creating a totally unique and bespoke flooring style. This type of work is perfect for entrance areas and foyers as it creates an eye-catching piece on the floor.

For more information on our Karndean selection, please contact us here.

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