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Commercial Safety Flooring Cambridge, Peterborough

Safety flooring in Cambridge, Peterborough and Cambridgeshire

Safety flooring is a vinyl flooring that has a grippy surface. It is designed to go into areas that are prone to slips (i.e areas with water).

It comes in various different gauges to combat different levels of slip. This type of vinyl is usually found in Commercial kitchens, wet rooms, shower areas, toilets, heavy duty back areas, hygienic areas, behind bars, generally places that take a lot of traffic and require a safety element to it.

The standard 2mm vinyl flooring is designed for the majority of areas but it is produced in 2.5mm for heavy traffic areas and 3mm for commercial kitchen areas that are prone to lots of grease.

Safety Flooring Installation Services

You can also use safety flooring in areas that are designed for wet bare foot traffic, i.e. wet rooms, edges of swimming pools, showers etc. But you have to have specific products that are designed for these areas. These are usually a safety floor with a raised embossed finished to help with bare foot. One manufacturer, Altro, has also developed a product that has done away with the raised embossed feature but will still be suitable in very wet areas.

As this type of flooring is mainly laid in wet areas or areas that are going to have a lot of water on them, they usually have a skirting feature laid with them at the same time. The majority of the time this is where we take the vinyl flooring up the walls 100 – 150mm and finish it with a capping strip. This is known as cap and cove. It is designed to enable easier cleaning for the area and to ensure water can’t escape around the perimeter.

Safety flooring is widely available and manufactured by several companies;
  • Polyflor
  • Altro
  • Gerflor
  • Tarkett
  • Forbo

Each company have several ranges they produce and each range has a large selection of colours available. They are all now starting to produce wood effect safety flooring to give a much better choice when it comes to renewing you floor coverings.

Safe Floors from Superior Finish Contracts

Safety flooring was always known as an issue to maintain and keep clean. Similar to the smooth vinyl flooring the manufacturers have seen that there is a problem and have created their own version of technology to help customers maintain their new floor coverings so they keep performing as they should.

Again each company have their own recommended cleaning and maintenance guides for each product and that information is available from us or via their websites in an easily downloadable format.

Please contact us for any inquiries regarding safety flooring throughout Cambridge, Peterborough & Cambridgeshire.

As a UK commercial flooring company we are available and fully prepared for all your installation requirements. We can offer our services when it comes to residential or commercial flooring in Cambridgeshire and even across the UK.

Whether you are interested in Safety Flooring, Karndean Flooring, Wood Flooring, Office Flooring, Commercial Flooring or Vinyl Flooring in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, we can help.

Safety Flooring FAQs

How long does safety flooring last?

Safety flooring is designed to be highly reliable and long-lasting, as long as it is looked after properly. Thorough cleaning is essential to ensure that your safety flooring continues to perform to the standards that you expect. If the floors aren’t kept clean, they can become contaminated, and therefore unhygienic. A high level of dirt on the safety flooring can accumulate which could potentially increase the risk of slipping. We can give you more advice on this, just give us a call.

Are there different types of safety flooring?

Yes. There are four different types.

  • Resin
  • Smooth
  • Rubber
  • Sports

If you’re unsure of which option is right for you, call us on 01480 466 322 for Cambridge, 01733 516 066 for Peterborough or 01480 494 560 for our Domestic Flooring shop. Alternatively, you can send us an email on

How much does safety flooring cost?

The cost of safety flooring highly depends on the size of the project and the amount of time that is required on site to complete it. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Why do I need safety flooring?

Slips, trips and falls are the most common kind of accident in the workplace. Luckily, these kinds of accidents are generally non-fatal. However, safety flooring is something that is definitely needed for any place where there is a risk of slipping. This is likely to happen in commercial kitchens, wet rooms, behind the bar, gyms, and in healthcare facilities. Safety flooring is ideal for these kinds of places, and is very easy to maintain.

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