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The Public Sector Solution

Carrying out work on properties in the public sector often throws up a considerable range of issues and challenges on all sides; both for the owners and supervisors of the organization and for the members of the public using the facilities. Often, these institutions must be kept open, and their requirement in society seems much more important than the state of the flooring. As such, work that needs to be done often gets left or pushed aside, increasingly becoming a danger to those that continue to use the area. This is naturally true of flooring – as one of the biggest single surface areas in the building, tearing up the whole thing might simply seem like too intrusive a task to take on. This though, doesn’t have to be the case.

The Footfall Factor

Public sector properties often provide an imperative service to the community and as such, they facilitate a huge amount of footfall in and out of their doors every single day. Whilst this may seem like a reason not to get the flooring done, it is, in fact, the opposite. When there are many people frequenting the area, safety standards must be impeccably high, and not only that, but you’ll need the place to look clean, hygienic and ideally, up to date.

Formidable Flooring

Flooring technology has come a long way in the last few years and solutions are now more versatile than ever before. With many supplying not only a beautiful finish to any room, but supremely easier maintenance to boot, the new floor can bring a building entirely up to date whilst making life easier for all those involved. Still though there exists the issue of a disruptive installation process…

In and Out

Whilst this may seem like a nail-in-the-coffin factor, here at Superior Finish Contracts we’ve had many major accounts, and have completed flooring work on a huge range of public sector environments in Cambridge and beyond wherein we’ve been required to finish the work quickly, and in a non-disruptive manner. Our team is comprised of expert floor layers experienced in all aspects of public sector work, so no matter how large or the job might be, you can have confidence in our ability throughout!

Give us a call today to find out how we can help! Don’t let your building look old and worn out and even dangerous when our flooring can turn all that around!

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