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Does Your Business Need Safety Flooring?

Safety flooring refers primarily to vinyl flooring that has a firm grip surface and prevents people from slipping and falling. This flooring is available in a wide range of gauges to tackle different levels of slip.

If you run a business where the chances of a random slip or a fall are high, you should consider installing some safety flooring. Also, you can rest easy knowing that you will not be held liable, as the flooring will prevent nasty injuries.
If you run one of the following businesses, you do need safety flooring.

Safety Flooring for your business

Safety Flooring for Commercial Kitchen

In a commercial kitchen, grease is one of the biggest culprits for the inevitable slips and falls. While preparing food, grease and other spillage often finds its way onto the floor. This makes the floor slippery, risking your kitchen staff who are rushing from one corner to the other to prepare food for the guests.

Safety Flooring for a Gym

While gyms are supposed to be places where people come to regain their fitness levels, they also are places that can cause accidents. While exercising or coming out of the shower, your patrons can slip and fall. You can eliminate this risk by installing safety flooring in the shower areas, changing rooms as well as the gym floor.

Safety Flooring for a Bar

Safety flooring is ideal for high traffic areas, such as a bar, particularly behind the bars where there is this risk of the drinks falling onto the floor and posing a danger to the bar staff. There are various types of flooring that can suit this type of establishment so you don’t need to worry about choosing something that doesn’t fit in with your ultra-modern or traditional décor.

Safety Flooring for a Healthcare Areas

Clinics, hospitals and other healthcare areas are always abundant with people who aren’t stable on their feet. A slippery floor in such places can pose a risk to healthcare workers who are rushing around to offer the right treatment, diagnosing a disease or providing emergency care to patients. Safety flooring also can be installed in toilets to keep patients safe.

If you run a business where there is high foot traffic or there is a tendency for the floor to get wet, you should definitely consider installing safety flooring and when it comes to safety flooring, look no further than Superior Finish Contracts.

An Experienced Flooring company Cambridgeshire

We have over 30 years of experience in this field and our fitters are highly trained and experienced to carry out installation at your business premises with minimal disturbance to your routine. We have the experience in sub-floor preparation and safety flooring installation; we also offer an affordable pricing structure.

If you want safety flooring installed at your business premises, contact us today and we will help you choose the right type of safety flooring for you.

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