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Wall Cladding to Improve Hygiene

There are many different sectors that can’t take any risks when it comes to hygiene. Hospitals, health centres and food preparation areas cannot risk falling down in this area due to the impact it has on others.  With this in mind, many properties require the installation of wall cladding to keep standards high due to its durable but low maintenance properties.

Here we will discuss the How, Why and Where of wall cladding to understand how this property development can keep clean and safe.


You may have seen wall cladding in various locations; spas, pools, care homes, but how it keeps hygiene standards high is due to the smooth and impervious surface it creates which makes it easy to clean and doesn’t allow grime and dirt to become ingrained.

Despite wall cladding’s durability, they can expand and contract with the surface to prevent cracking making them perfect for moist, warm areas. Also the White Rock wall cladding which we use at Superior Finish Contracts,  includes a biocide which protects the surface from bacteria more so than many other surfaces.


The answer to this is simple; because hygiene is essential in certain environments. With the properties previously discussed, wall cladding makes keeping an area clean and safe even easier. Wall cladding is also available in various colours, so your area can comply with industry standards or requirements.


We’ve already touched on some businesses that make use of wall cladding but really any property that requires impeccable hygiene (whether this is in the public or private sector) can benefit from wall cladding. It’s a simple change to a room that can have biggest impact and reduce the risks of germs spreading to keep patients and paying customers healthy.

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