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The Facts about Traditional Flooring for Your Premises in Cambridge

Traditional flooring may seem like a bit of an old-fashioned statement, but here at Superior Finish, we have a range of flooring options for your premises in Cambridge, which can go far beyond any traditional perception you may have. Don’t get us wrong, we are not here to persuade you to seek other flooring types, but we’re here to ask you, what does traditional flooring actually mean?

Flooring in Cambridge

As we know, Cambridge is steeped in history and is known throughout the world for its wonderful architecture. Many people we encounter in this world of flooring fit-outs particularly within the Cambridge area look for that traditional look when they are considering their flooring options. Domestically, wood flooring can be a very superior finish! (No pun intended), but commercially, its not always the most accurate choice for the intended purpose.

Wood flooring is the most popular flooring choice for period homes, because it can compliment the style and décor well and keep that traditional feel of the home consistent. Commercially however, depending on what your business is, wood flooring may not be the most practical application. From a design perspective, wood flooring undoubtedly looks phenomenal. However, from a practical element it may not be the best solution particularly if your flooring is susceptible to constant heat, moisture and generally lots of traffic. A hospital or a kitchen restaurant for example will benefit from a more safety type flooring like vinyl which is better equipped to tackle slips and areas of moisture. Natural and traditional wood flooring can have a natural reaction to expand in warmer conditions and contract in more cold ones. Thus making it less suitable for a commercial purpose where heat or cold conditions are the norm.

Close up of Vinyl Effect

Vinyl Flooring Effect

Here at Superior, we have many flooring options for you to choose from for commercial usage here in Cambridge – and it can look as traditional as you want! But we can guarantee that it will suit the type of purpose your premises is intended for. We have a range of options available. And if you are looking to upgrade your flooring or simply looking to install a brand new one, then click through to our homepage to see more of the options available to you, or call us on 01480 582 026. We are experts in our field and we have been serving the community here in Cambridge for over 30 years.

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