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Things To Consider When Buying a House in Cambridge

If you are looking at buying a house in Cambridge, then there are many things you have to consider, but the one thing that is guaranteed is that you will almost instantly fall in love with the place! In terms of location, history, architecture, culture and desirability, Cambridge has much to offer. So if you are indeed looking to rent or even buying a house in Cambridge, then read on to see some of the main things to consider.


House Prices Have Increased by Nearly 50% since 2010

Cambridge used to be known for being a hub for students around the world to seek the best education. Whilst this is still true and prominent in the modern day, Cambridge is now often seen as a commuters dream because of the convenience of travelling to London and other major cities. However, as a result of this, house prices have significantly increased, especially since 2010, making it more difficult in buying a house in Cambridge.


Renovation Opportunities

However, there are many renovation opportunities available within the town, and many companies that can assist in this process. Superior Finish being one of these, as they specialise in providing rustic, classic flooring and are known for being a renowned specialist in traditional wood flooring in Cambridge

Getting used to Cambridge Life!

If you are looking to relocate to Cambridge, then there are more than just house prices that need to be considered. Cambridge itself is steeped in history and tradition, but more over, there are certain things that upon arrival may seem strange!

Watch Out for That Cycle….

The first and most apparent thing you will notice about Cambridge is that cycling culture! You cannot go anywhere in Cambridge without noticing the immense culture of cyclers. And Cambridge is the standard bearer for the UK for cycle lanes. It’s stated that 2 in 5 road journeys in Cambridge are made via bikes. Students play a huge part in this and are responsible for the cycling numbers. In a city that contains a population of around 120,000 people, students make just under half of this! And with the way the city operates at the moment, Undergraduates aren’t allowed car parking permits unless under very special circumstances. The whole city has really taken to the cycling culture, and it can be something that you can take too if you’re looking to buy a house in Cambridge.

There is so much to enjoy here, so if you’re looking at buying a house in Cambridge, or even rent, you are most definitely looking in the right place!


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