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Best Flooring for Offices & Design Ideas

Here at Superior Finish, we consider ourselves to be specialists in office flooring installation. We have worked on various different commercial type settings, and often get asked ‘what is the best flooring for offices?’… Well, the short answer to this is – it all depends on what happens at your commercial premises…

Each type of flooring has a different purpose and intention, so to decide on what the best one is completely depends on what purpose you require from your flooring. And here at Superior Finish, we’ve put together a list below on the suitable types of flooring for commercial uses.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring is a robust and durable type of flooring, that responds well to heavy footfall. Contrary to popular opinion, vinyl flooring is a comfortable feel on foot, and keeps any noise to a minimum – which is beneficial to where lots of people many be congregated. In terms of maintenance, Vinyl is amongst those that is easy to maintain, bringing a minimalistic approach to cleaning compared to others. In terms of individual patterns and styles, vinyl can come with many options, including the wood-grain feel.

However, Vinyl floors do not respond well to hard and heavy loads, and can even become damaged – particularly by sharper objects. Also, these floors tend to fade in colour when exposed to too much sunlight and can become quite severely damaged if exposed to extreme highs and lows of temperatures. So for this reason, when talking about the best flooring for offices, Vinyl can be an option for an office setting, but probably not the best for any commercial type setting like a warehouse.

Karndean Flooring

Karndean flooring Design

Karndean flooring is a close derivative of Vinyl flooring, but the difference being that it’s much tougher and durable, and really built well for commercial purposes. Also in terms of domestic uses, this type of flooring is widely becoming a popular choice for many within the household – where kids and pets are prevalent. Karndean floors maintain their quality well and do not subside when faced against extreme temperatures.

These are products that are designed to look like stones, woods, slates, glass, mosaic tiles etc. The technology has massively changed in the last few years and now these products look almost as the real thing.

Commercial Carpets

Commercial Carpets Cambridge Range

Quite self-explanatory, but commercial carpets are also a popular choice for many office settings, because of their strong and durable nature. Carpet Tiles (as they are widely known) are a popular choice because of their aesthetic nature. In terms of design, there is a lot more flexibility in terms of colours, styles and themes as compared to other choices. Carpets as we know are probably the most traditional flooring type for many years in both domestic and office settings, but carpets can be amongst the most difficult to maintain and keep sterling.

Safety Flooring

Safety Flooring

Safety flooring is another derivative of vinyl flooring, but with emphasis being very grippy. Such flooring is designed to be more water protective to deter different levels of slip – where water might be present. Generally speaking, this type of flooring suits a setting which may be more susceptible to water – so kitchens, toilets, wet rooms, utility rooms, hygienic areas and places were safety is at a paramount.

So in conclusion, there are many different options to choose from when considering what you feel the best flooring for offices maybe. Each type of flooring does indeed bring its own unique properties. If the above has helped, or if you are more confused than ever, get in touch with us today and we will discuss your project with you in more detail.

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