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Karndean Flooring in Cambridge & Peterborough

karndeanlarge3Looking for Karndean Flooring in Cambridge or Peterborough? Then you have arrived at the right place!

Karndean are a company that supply, distribute and manufacture luxury vinyl tiles. These are vinyl flooring tiles that are much harder wearing than your standard cushion flooring and are a very good alternative to smooth or safety vinyl in commercial environments. These are products that are designed to look like stones, woods, slates, glass, mosaic tiles etc. The technology has changed massively in the last few years and now these products look as realistic as the real thing, they are not like a cheap DIY retailer’s plastic looking self adhesive type.

The benefits of using this type of floor covering is that these are a lot easier to maintain than natural products, a lot warmer under foot and you can design your floor covering with minimal extra costs. They also produce feature and design strips that are used as “grout lines” with tiles or to create a ships decking look with woods. We also use these products to create and assist with borders or change of colours.

Providing Commercial Karndean Floors Locally Throughout Cambridge, Peterborough & Cambridgeshire UK

Karndean is not just a domestic product, all of their ranges, except for Knight Tile come with a heavy contract rating and so can be installed in any type of commercial environment. Most of the time you have probably walked on a Karndean or equivalent product and not even realised.

Karndean produce several ranges of their products and each product has a selection of borders that can be custom made to go with your new flooring. We also offer the service of being able to produce tram line borders by using Karndean feature strips and hand cutting the individual tiles.

Their ranges are very hard wearing with their Knight Tile range guaranteed for 12 years in a domestic house going up to their Da Vinci range which is guaranteed for 20 years in a domestic house.

Again as Karndean is only 2 – 3mm thick the sub-floor preparation is key. This is why Karndean insist that their products are installed to a certain standard and will only guarantee them if they have been professionally installed, whether that is in a domestic or commercial location.

The premier installers of Karndean Flooring

As one of very few commercial flooring companies we are ready for all your installation needs, when it comes to residential and commercial flooring in Cambridgeshire and even across the UK.

Whether you are interested in Safety Flooring, Office Flooring, Karndean Flooring, Wood Flooring or Vinyl Flooring in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough, we can help.

All of our guys are trained to install Karndean flooring by Karndean themselves and so are fully competent and fully equipped for the correct way to fit this type of flooring.

If you are interested in Karndean Flooring in Cambridge or Peterborough, then call us now on 01480 582 026 to find out more.

Karndean Flooring FAQs

What are the benefits of Karndean flooring?

Karndean flooring has a very authentic appearance as it looks almost exactly the same as natural hardwood flooring. It’s tough structure allows for the flooring to maintain its shape and size at all times, and will not warp or shrink. This type of flooring is also low maintenance – you could simply mop the floor when it’s dirty and it will look as good as new.

Other benefits include:

  • Versatile – Karndean flooring materials are lightweight, which means it can be laid in nearly any room of the house.
  • Comfortable – This type of flooring is warmer and much nicer to walk on compared to hardwood flooring. Karndean flooring is also compatible with underfloor heating which can be installed to make your floor feel even more comfortable.
  • Hygienic – Karndean flooring is a very hygienic option for your domestic or commercial property. 
  • Easy to repair – If your Karndean flooring gets damaged, it’s easily fixed. If you have spare planks or tiles, the damaged ones can be replaced without replacing the surrounding flooring.

Are there different types of Karndean flooring?

Yes. Karndean offer three types of flooring:

  • Gluedown
  • LooseLay
  • Rigid Core

The Gluedown range offers Karndean’s widest choice of colours, textures, designs and formats. This type of flooring comes with a textured emboss or premium finish, and wide bevels or flat edges.

The LooseLay range features Karndean’s K-Wave friction grip backing. This type of flooring is ideal for people that are interested in changing out the flooring frequently. 

The Rigid Core range is perfect for those that have uneven subfloors, or would like to preserve their existing hard floor. This type of Karndean flooring helps to minimise noise disruption.

You can learn more about these ranges on the Karndean website.

How much does Karndean flooring cost?

This Karndean flooring price depends on the look, format and range that you are going for. Generally Karndean flooring will cost £25-50 per square metre, but this will vary.

The cost of installation depends on the size of the project and the amount of time that is required on site. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

How long does Karndean flooring last?

Karndean flooring is designed to last for many years. The flooring is durable and is protected from scratches, scuffs and stains. Karndean flooring is also easy to be kept clean with Karndean’s own branded Floor Care Kit. If you have any problems with your Karndean flooring give us a call or contact us by email.

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